Kurt Tepperwein

This year again on a seminar tour with the Tepperwein Congress “this universe is the stage for the unique and fascinating spectacle that we call life, and it invites you to play the main role”, so Kurt Tepperwein. The famous author of over 60 books writes about health promotion through e.g. the de-acidification of the body as well as about the meaning of life, how one can become a winning personality and offers one to series of “Keys to happiness”. His live seminars are an experience that you won’t forget. In this year of 2010, there are the 2nd Tepperwein after the success last year Congress in the brandner Valley / Austria with seminars, trainings and workshops. Kurt Tepperwein itself is 3 compact seminars (“master of your life”, “The power of the spiritual laws”, “life licence”) and the “training for life teacher” coveted for years.

In this education, it comes to understand the “language of life” and to follow how to be really successful life “leads” and how you achieve whatever you want. You will learn all the things that you have not learned in school; How they find their calling and how to make “inevitable” his success, how they find the ideal partner and be one myself and how to solve their problems, fulfill your desires, and sure to reach their goals. In addition to the seminars and training courses by Kurt Tepperwein, offer trained speakers after Kurt Tepperwein one workshops fill such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, wonderful world of the immune system, fascination with purify, deacidifying and detoxification, basic cosmetics – water – Urquell of life, mental and physical fitness and intuitive energetic dance applied properly,. Another highlight is the education awareness training by Elisabeth Hintermayer, where it comes to recognize you, as creator of your life about if but to let go and to take responsibility for your life. Awareness training as a continuation of the mental training after Kurt Tepperwein, in the among other things different Exercises done are to open the consciousness and to enjoy life in the here and now. Organizer of the Tepperwein Congress is Tepperwein AG of collection, is the man at the Center. “Kurt Tepperwein got it easy, intellectual and material knowledge are so easy and for everyone to understand convey, it makes great pleasure to listen to him” so an enthusiastic seminar participants. Meanwhile a Kurt Tepperwein emerged on Facebook Fan Club, in which nearly 300 fans regularly philosophies of Kurt Tepperwein and other wisdom discuss and comment.