Eckehard Niemann

The spokesman of the “civil initiatives against pole attachment” Peter Butz, pointed out clearly on the in-bred feeding addiction with painful consequences for these animals. Diseases and germs threaten people and the environment. Animal welfare must be definitely improved and the residents protected from noise and pollution. Also sacrificing real estate prices in the vicinity of such facilities are to be feared. As the last speaker of the evening, Eckehard Niemann came from the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft peasant agriculture” at the microphone. This man, even trained agricultural engineer, showed his passion for the preservation of rural agriculture with lifeblood and warned against too much euphoria before the “fallacy” of Mr Pieper farmers present in the room. He pointed out the agony of the chicks at about 33-day breeding with clear words.

As many in the past few days no longer neither water nor food be able by their own efforts to achieve. Diseases of the feet such as foot pad dermatitis through at the feces or dead animals and deformations of the feet or legs are the rule here. Painfully, these animals experience the time if still alive up to transport to the slaughterhouse. Such mass breeding facilities have nothing more to do with rural agriculture and are already in the branch of industrial agricultural factories. Eckehard Niemann in his association represents the Guild of the peasants, who are interested in sustainable agriculture and that is according to his statement more and more, even if it may not give the impression at present farmers. Subsequently, the discussion has been released and were reported concerned and interested citizens to speak and the professionals were answer. It involved questions of concern to the health risks for local residents and the environmental impact in the affected villages, more details about the procedure at the chicken fattening, the “vacuum cleaner for broilers” and the torture of animals up to the Arrive at the slaughterhouse, as well as the prompt more enlightenment to mindful and healthy nutrition in the schools to operate.