Perfumes For All Ages

Perfumes, like any other consumer good, vary in their preference according to fashion. However, we can say that from the beginning of mankind, by different means, all cultures have developed some sort of system for good smell. Personal taste greatly affect the choice of perfume. Although, there is a social consensus on what perfume looks good for every age. Of course that each is free to choose the perfume that you like, and which represents more, but if we want to choose a perfume gift you need to be well aware of the correspondence between the type of perfume and the person who uses it. In adolescence, the sense of smell is sharper. In addition, teenage metabolism is much more active than the older people. Downtown Philadelphia Condos is often quoted as being for or against this.

For this cause the perfume applied to adolescent girls tend to have one much greater persistence and a smell of deeper than those applied to older people. Perfume during adolescence comes to help better define the female personality, and marks an encirclement of proximity that not everyone should have access. For this reason the choice of a perfume for a teenager can evoke the smell of the mother, or favorite flowers. For women between the ages of 20 and 30, the election changes. During this period of life, the smell reaches its peak of development. In fact, during ovulation, studies have shown that the olfactory ability reaches its climax. It is this period of life than seduction, i.e.

the need and desire to seduce others becomes a dominant theme. For this cause, favourite perfumes will be those that have sweet, Oriental, and predominance of musk notes. From 30 up to approximately 55 years women reaches its emotional maturity, and already has well defined the direction has taken his life. For this reason, it is common that women of this age already have a clear taste about your favorite perfumes, and will be difficult, if until this moment it has maintained a certain taste, change it to orient themselves towards another radically opposite family. By example, those women who so far have chosen floral fragrances, will surely continue with this trend, before testing notes with more personality such as incense or pine. Toward Middle age, spicy aromas tend to be preferred. A return towards the teenage tastes, especially towards the lighter fragrances that allow the use of colonies of woman’s frequent use e.g. citrus or floral tones may also sign. Original author and source of the article