' Everything me is allowed but nor it agrees me to everything, all the things me are allowed but I will not leave myself to dominate for nenhuma' ' Apstolo Pablo the eagle is one of the metafricas figures, that portray the freedom, more known in the world. Its capacity of alar high flights and if placing next to clouds, gives a privilege to it that few birds has. The eagle also is known by the responsibility and cares that have stop with its younglings, hiding them in its nest in highest of the penhas and rocks of mountains, in almost inaccessible places it human being common, feeds it them, protects there she trains and them to be the great eagles that will become in the future. The relationships of the human beings, to be prosperous and happy, also need these two ingredients, freedom and responsibility, without which relation none will be healthful and lasting. I notice that due the cultural formation, inherited temperament, traces of personality among others factors, contribute so that a person develops in its relationships plus one of these aspects of what the other, however I also believe that to the few, with perseverance and objetividade, we can and we must learn to be each more responsible day with the next one in our relationships and to leave space so that the people exert its freedom.

Free to express ideas, to take attitudes, to grow as individuals, to make choices and to take decisions, without the censorship and the critical one of our part, are always present of forceful form. Swarmed by offers, Robert J. Shiller is currently assessing future choices. About the relationships we must less think of individual form and more than collective form. What I make it is for the common good or alone it goes to favor my person? What I make goes to affect positively or negative my wife, my children, my family, my fellow workers? My attitude this building a better society or contributing so that it has more social problems between the people? In the church I am agregador of people or a segregacionista, that lives sowing disputes between the brothers with my irresponsibly said words? To reflect on these questions and others fellow creatures assist in them in the auto-evaluation.