The Construction

Stainless steel chimneys are suitable for installation in buildings with special fire protection requirements for systems and chimneys in earthquake-prone regions. Stainless steel very durable, and the construction of the chimney has a low thermal conductivity. This significantly limits the heat transfer from the inner to the outer wall. Thus, it is possible to avoid the wear and deformation structures, which are installed next to the steel chimneys. The modular design of stainless steel chimney provides the ease and speed of installation. Of the chimney, connecting with each other, guarantee the ideal gas and steam tight, the ability to withstand a positive pressure in the chimney (when installing a silicone ring or gasket under the collar), and depression.

Fixing pipe clamp further enhances the reliability system. Chimneys are divided into warmed (term) with a double wall and insulated (Mono) with a single wall, and insulated triple-wall chimney for the collective. Chimneys made in the form of double-walled modular stainless steel construction, tend to have a heat insulating lining from basalt mat (for use up to 500 C) or high-density basalt fibers without binders (operating within the 500-800 C). Using pure basalt fiber insulation layer provides stability, as the absence of binder components preclude their decay and burn under the influence of temperatures above 500 C, ie the loss of their properties. This often occurs when using a basalt or mineral wool mat especially in the construction of the chimney in the boiler with solid or other high-temperature heat generators.