Ramon Gallegos

The having is a State of constant insecurity, anxiety and fear, is the base of the ego, is unable to bring peace and happiness to our lives, ego is the person, the social mask, the facade, it is pointless because it is based on the identification with external objects, is a false identity built with things, with objects that leads to the disorder of consciousness and therefore, the suffering. The prospect of having, well-being and self-esteem of the human being, they depend on the properties, status, clothing, truck, House; This dimension is endless and the achievement of one takes you to the desire of another, our value comes from outside, we need to be. A holistic vision of education Dr. Ramon Gallegos holistic vision nava does not completely reject modernity and post-modernity; It is understood that transcend implies integrating the best. One of the obstacles to the paradigm shift in education, and that it has prevented an integral education, is without a doubt the scientism; belief in science has led the world in terms only of fragmentation and to regular, objective and systemic processes. So, what is the holistic education? We would say that it is a path of human fraternity, which promotes the development of a sense of warmth, solidarity and cooperation, to understand that the essence of life is harmony, not conflict.

It is a path to dialogue, is an education for life and throughout life, is an inclusive vision that promotes a policy of win – win oriented to sustainable development; It is a transdisciplinary perspective, it is a local global vision of a single humanity, a pedagogy of universal love, it is a way of life, a practice integral to the transformation of consciousness; It is the first educational paradigm suitable to the complex, changing and needed direction of 21st century life. Dr. Ramon Gallegos holistic education, integrity is the achievement of the unity through diversity, the development process means greater integration through differentiation, pluralize and integrate; integration is unity in diversity.