U.S. $ 30,000 million cost of rebuilding is the foreign numeral that appeared in half abroad. The survey of the damage is not measurable today nor will it be for much longer, because the effects were for virtually all productive sectors of the affected areas, otherwise the land will take several months to get up and finally the costs of the earthquake, are not entirely public, I even dare say that the higher costs of this disaster will be private.

Or hope is that this extreme situation faced by Chile generated a turning point in the future of our nation, so bass is more than clear that although it was through a flogging learned about tsunamis and will certainly be very difficult in the future, our population again be affected by earthquakes of this magnitude or other, will not be surprised by the last state of tsunami impact.

Housing and infrastructure will definitely change the adobes that refused to disappear from some homes in Chile will be replaced by more resilient structures, so will the buildings adjacent to the sea, where we like to build for the Chilean and earthquake standards in height. Although Chile is one of the most seismic impact on the planet is in contrast to the bad memory of Chileans who stubbornly continue to build ever higher, forgetting that Chile is a country with a high occurrence of earthquakes.