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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Kiss Instead Of Sing

Grand Prix second chance for Germany with Kiss Kiss at the Guinness world record was Eurovision last night: Germany at the Guinness Kiss record to win flirts pub 25 countries participated in the final of the 54th Eurovision Song Contest in the Olimpiisky arena in the Russian capital of Moscow. Germany has caused much excitement this year: the appearance of Alex swings Oscar sings was supported by stripper DITA von Teese! accompanied at the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow with much acclaim. The duo wanted to get in the top ten. Germany Eurovision Song Contest won only once, namely 1982 with singer Nicole and the post a bit of peace, which was composed by Ralph Siegel. No victory yet recorded was Germany at the Guinness world record in the kiss. That should change now. On June 5, 2009, the Guinness world record in quick kiss is brought to Germany.

The Datingportal flirt pub and his colleague Michael Basting urge the city to kissing. Datingportal flirt pub prepares for the official Guinness world record in the Quick kisses in Berlin before In June, the capital will be prompted to the kissing. But that is not only fun, but a serious challenge. Because it goes to the official GUINNESS world record attempt by the Datingportal flirt pub flirtpub.de) and its employees Michael Basting. He wants his kiss the world record on June 5, 2009 before the venue Q village (Joachimsthaler Strasse 14 / corner Kurfurstendamm) at 18: 00.

All are called to come and join, because it applies officially to get the world record from France to Berlin in the capital. But the number of participants to secure (it must be at least 97 women!) and the participant entries meet”to distribute, is giving away flirt pub advance some numbers under. These winners get not only an official confirmation of the flirt pub world record, but also the one I was”T-Shirt, a photo shoot during a press conference around 6: 00 and free participation in the after record party in the VIP area of the QDorf and the kiss me!-party. Here Grand participated in Prix-Alex Christensen to guest and the kiss opened me!-party. On Mallorca, there is already a first up last week warm, i.e. be food – and kiss test. Here a Visual taste of flirt pub offers on as a serious Web domain aligned to flirt oldest and directly: the flirtation platform. There can, for example, in the diverse flirt partners offer surf and make hot and suitable acquaintances. The Guinness world record attempt in the quick kisses has been officially requested by flirt pub and is performed after the Guinness guidelines.

When The Phone Rings, Comes The Horror

“Interactive movie ‘Last Call’ should for popcorn make the overthrow Munich, March 18, 2010 the advertising agency Jung von Matt has for the channel 13TH STREET with last call” (see below video) designed an interactive horror movie, in theaters thrill provide the should the idea: the audience gets an own role and is in dialogue with the main actress of the film. Young Matt, an unusual Setup developed it together with Telenet, the power flashes, and the consulting firm Aixvox. Viewers are prompted before the start of the film, to send their phone numbers to a shortcode. With a speech recognition system by Telenet, the selected guest of cinema via mobile phone can affect the course of the film. The announcements of the viewer are converted into commands and the software then plays the right scene.

Via mobile phone, to decide which way a hostage to escape from the old sanatorium chooses, whether it helps other victims, whether she survive or will become victims of sadistic kidnapper. While the viewers on the phone hears not only Voice of the actress, but experienced up close and parallel to the film their breathing, their steps, its all that fear. We wanted to pick up two borders: the one between film and game, the other between action and audience. We wanted away from the strict separation: there screen and action. Here the passive spectator behind his huge popcorn cups. Maybe you should measure the success of our film in number accidentally rammed around for popcorn”, explains Andreas Henke, Creative Director of Jung von Matt.

His agency wants the customer to 13th Street and the viewers offer an innovative brand experience: in short: good modern horror. “Just the horror genre has delivered very innovative projects in the past, such as Blair Witch Project ‘ or paranormal activity”, so Henke. The cinema industry is always looking for new ways to increase your traffic. Language technology we see in many sectors as a business driver. Therefore the approach by the Agency Jung von Matt is very good, the world of games, the active influence of the game’s plot, with to connect the world of cinema”, commented Michael Maria Bommer, General Manager of the voice dialogue specialist nuance. Last call by 13th Street – the first interactive horror movie in the world – software by Powerflasher

Plucked Acoustic Guitar

Interview with Thomas Kuchler, bassist of the band \”Planet Moon\” the Cologne musician Thomas Kuchler answered questions about career, career, achievements and failures. Question: Which of your songs like best? \”\” Reply: possibly strangers \”, shrinking brain\” question: why is that? \”Answer: possibly strangers\” combines the charm of plucked acoustic guitar in the verse with an anthemic pop chorus, has a powerful momentum for me. If you are not convinced, visit expert on growth strategy. Shrinking brain\”describes the predicament of anyone who attempts to determine his life rationally and naturally and secretly still must follow his feelings in a funky Groove. Question: When did you recognize that you are musically? \”Answer: with about eight years ago, I was visiting with a friendly family and got to within a few days, to accompany a piece of swing pretty sure the timing on the drums, later I could listen from classical pieces such as the Moldova after some times, for example,\” the Hear voices of the various instruments and sing along. \”I can however certainly say that I me already then my musicality\” was aware it was fun just me. Question: Who was your musical style as a child? \”Answer: I found super Reinhard Mey and the intensity of Alexandra’s\” voice loved.

The complexity and the meshing of different sounds and melodies in classical works have fascinated me. \”It was then later ABBA\” and later Depeche Mode \”, the me inspire a pretty mixed blend so could question: you remember favorite songs from your childhood? Answer: Yes, some. Question: Who were they? \”\” \”\” Reply: swinging Safari \”, my friend the tree is dead,\” the clouds \”, the Symphony from the new world\” and several others. I notice that the typical rebel pieces from this period do not occur, not only musical, it was probably more a time of harmony search. Question: To what extent These songs influenced your music taste today? Answer: All of these pieces or plants have feelings and images in me, my moods have accompanied and showed me so that music can be a language, which also completely without a Word work, which can be also my way of expression, when even the words or words were not the appropriate means of expression.

Marco Ventre & Band – Yearning Was Yesterday

First of all: A lapidares “now sings the even” is in this case totally out of place. The verbal poison arrow can remain as equal in the quiver. Simply because he would shoot over to the reality. Marco Ventre sings: “again” and not “even”. But later, because at the beginning is always the beginning of the story.

It was mid-70’s, on the shores of Lake Zurich as the man who today presents the Carinthians local news in public television, she as a good-humoured morning presenter on the radio from the springs, as son of a Carinthian and a southern Italian was born. An Alpe-Adria-baby, which celebrated its first two birthdays in federal diapers. Capisco! Italian temperament, the musical soul of the Karntners, the perseverance of the Swiss. For more specific information, check out adverum. Attributes that have shaped the boys already in the early years of life. It evaluates a type who knows what he wants and what he wants, usually also achieved in the zodiac sign of Taurus. At least like and he makes no half measures. From the beach of Lake Zurich, Marco Ventre is soon pulled on the shore of Gail (Carinthia) and also that is, like so many things in the life of the Karntners, for complexity, runs but the Gailtal Valley almost to the geological fault line from West to East and is the border between South and North. For Italy, it is just a stone’s throw.

In winter you can ski down the slopes to Italy and Slovenia. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Clayton Morris. In this triangle, the boy grows up. He is interested in music. His attractive appearance makes it ideal for… > find much more information about Marco Ventre, in our Portal Web link: hits/marco-ventre-a-band longing was gestern.