Club Red Cliff Gets

The space ship GmbH from Hamburg missed the legendary Club red Kliff in Kampen on Sylt a new used for the 30th anniversary. tion already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Parties’ shiny ‘ 30 years 30 top: it should be celebrated! The legendary Red Cliff Club shines to the 30-year anniversary in new splendour. The design and implementation of the entire comes from space marine GmbH, which is a strong partner for gastronomy concepts and conversions. Thousands of small spots in time with the music pulsing almost like a heartbeat. Comprehensive LED technology turns the Club in a sea of light and colour and takes the guest into a fascinating world: a paradise for every VJ and an experience for guests aged 18-60. Through the unique room concept of the designer of the space ship, latest technology and a high level blends without losing the tradition of the Club. “So the Club Red Cliff can be confidently to the world BBs finest clubs” count and call themselves in the same breath with the most fashionable locations in London, New York and Barcelona. Head and heart of the Club, Peter Kliem, and his business partner Beate Stoltenberg are thrilled.

Shortly before the opening on March 26, 2010 Peter Kliem says: I can wait honestly and I am mighty proud of what has been done here in the short of time. The great design comes from the top Agency in Hamburg ship, which was responsible for the complete tag. Spacecraft, many craftsmen and technicians have done seemingly incredible”.