Active Location

jackMobile more for a secure life would afford with button 5 light no matter whether your child is entered in the wrong bus and suddenly no longer knows where it is or it has an uneasy feeling on the way to school home. “It is safe with key 5: I can inform my parents quietly, quickly and easily, and they know then also right where I am!” Because it’s often only the small difficulties, confuse the kids in everyday life. And equal to the 112 call? For this, the threshold is often too high. This button 5 comes in light. As an extension of the mobile location service TrackYourKid, the service should provide for a feeling of safety in everyday life and be of help for small problems. Light button 5, families need no additional equipment.

Mobile phones help button enough so”on the phone works. From two parents phones out can specify up to five children phones to see at TrackYourKid. For 36 euro a year, parents can now locate children cell phones. With the additional service light button 5 in the 36-euro package by TrackYourKid booked in addition to may, it is now possible that children actively send a location result at the parents and put out a call for help. Cost: between 35 and 50 cents a call for help.

Future jackMobile will build out the service button 5 to a separate product. People such as Professor Rita McGrath would likely agree. Then, children can touch of the button on the 5 “trigger a chain of emergency within their circle of trusted people. Once pressed the five multiple numbers, such as parents, aunt, and neighbor, be called at once. Locations are also possible. Expedite the arrangement with each other once again the family even in a Conference can make a call. To do this, you must assume only the emergency. More information about new features for jackMobile can be found here: content/neuheiten.php of jackMobile the jackMobile GmbH stands for innovative solutions for the most advanced and most direct means of communication in our time, the cell phone. Since 1998 we have dedicated to innovative, mobile solutions, that aims to make the lives of our customers simpler and safer. To our product portfolio includes SMS services, which enable efficient advertising or quick information and mobile phone tracking services that locate once logged-on cell phones at any time. Press contact: Sandra Hackurtz jackMobile GmbH, Nordring 74 45894 Gelsenkirchen Tel: 0209 / 380 67 14 fax: 0209 / 380 67 29 email: Web: