Artificial Intelligence

Special mobile radio markets, electronic helpers and the ubiquity of the Internet of Dusseldorf/Halle the Apple community had speculated that years ago that Steve Jobs wanted to bring a private mobile phone on the market. \”Now the little multimedia device has developed iPhone as one of the most innovative products with an explosive effect: mobile phone manufacturers and network operators have resorted their product and brand strategy as a consequence of the iPhone shock in principle\”, says Georg Stanossek, editor of the TK-jungle Guide 2008. E-plus-chef Dirks of Thorsten so considers it possible that the mobile future earns his money with advertising revenue and not about call charges. Dirks is convinced that the operators were is data transporters in five years at the latest. \”At least then their business models would convert completely: the client will be ready only to pay as it is today for the DSL connection at home for a broadband connection\”, said Dirks on the Handelsblatt annual telecommunications market Europe\” in Dusseldorf. An option would be to forgo revenues through guided discussions and instead making money with highly personalized advertising.

On en a completely advertising-funded provider at the start went already in the autumn of last year with Blyk UK market. \”The business model: free text messages and voice telephony as a fee for the appearance of advertising and the disclosure of personal information in order to allow for targeted advertising\” white Portel editor-in-Chief Sanders. However, the operators are not the only ones who have valuable customer information. Without hesitation Meadow Bank Designs explained all about the problem. So Nokia have with the acquisition of Enpocket become a specialist for the so-called targeted advertising\”on board. Enpocket to form the nucleus for Nokia ad business\”, so Sanders. Advertising is therefore an integral part of Ovi, the platform for all Web services of the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer. To in the To come, you need future according to trend researcher Lars Thomsen of the Agency telecommunications matters is a new understanding of artificial intelligence.