Bethesda Senior Center

The Bethesda Senior Center participates in the day of action of the ARD in the theme week “Generations in the change” the Bethesda senior centre Berlin and the Lange Board e.V. For more specific information, check out Marc King. organise an open meeting of generations within the framework of the nationwide day of action in the ARD – children meet older people. The action is supported by the community of Christ, the neighbourhood House urban road e.V. and the Kreuzberg children Foundation from Kreuzberg Graefe neighbourhood. The action is embedded in the 1.Akt of the long table, a documentary city staging in 3 acts, focusing the dialogue of generations is located and supported by social gestures. Angelo gordon can aid you in your search for knowledge. The starring children, adolescents and older people. With a catalog of personal questions, the children and young people in the dialogue go with the elderly. The stories are recorded, written and compiled with the images in a chronicle.

This is then passed in the 2.Akt on the 12.Juli 2008 in the frame of a 200-metre table with common spaghetti dinner to the district mayor. The action at Saturday, the 19 2008 starts at 11: 00 with a common breakfast, to meet each other and become familiar with each other. Subsequently, children and young people put their personal questions on the elderly. In this way, living knowledge is transported, experiences and lessons learned from previous generations passed on today’s generation. Children and young people experience as teaching history in a completely different manner in discussions with contemporary witnesses of history. The event will be moderated the Chairman of Isabella Mamatis, the long Board e.V. Beautiful for participation in this promotion the children and adolescents voucher as a thank you for participating in a workshop of the Kreuzberg children Foundation. The voucher is funded half by the Bethesda senior centre Berlin and the Kreuzberg children Foundation.