Brazilian Providence

They are critical that they go of meeting to the projects that try to assure a solution for the drastic one situation of the Brazilian Providence. 3 AGED AND its INSERTION IN the FAMILY to analyze the insertion of the aged one in the family considers the one of the contributions most important study on the conditions of life of the aged population. The studies that enclose the families are also important, a time that, is one of the space where if its members define the attendance standards. Moreover, she is the family who makes use of the destined resources to supply its necessities not being in the dependence only of the chances that appear in the work market. The aged one suffers, in the majority of the cases, of problems of housing. The widowhood is a constant to be followed of the delivery of the house where the search of the house of the married children liveed and already, for a new cycle of its life. However this is a difficult question.

The children allege, exactly that he is far from the presence of the aged ones, that its life passed to be modified with new habits, new concepts of life. The aged one, in turn, feels that it bothers with its presence in the new house. The majority of these lived moved away from the children, and is important to observe the biggest index of masculine mortality makes with that the women survive for more time starting to live with children. In 1998, the ratio of aged mothers without husbands inhabiting with children was almost three times bigger of what of widowers in the same situation. These ratios are in virtue of the tax of feminine widowhood, either for biggest masculine mortality, or for the fact of, after widowers, the aged women hardly are married again. The aged ones imagine that the house of a son or son will be a continuation of its house.