This is recurring too often, it is both repeated and prolonged. The relationship is characteristic for factors of power and strength imbalance in printing a interactions. Bullying is deliberate, conscious and hostile. Harassment at hand is presented in the school environment, particularly in the absence of adults or school authorities. And of course, manifests itself in the relationship between the students: “Bullying, teasing, blackmail and humiliation are a constant and continuous tone.” These behaviors are directed toward another student considered weak and helpless, by another student or groups of them, shown aggressive and at times violent. In the past, were regarded as “the Candaya” now known as Bullies, and victims, as Bull. Bullying is presented in all walks of life. Its incidence occurs from the second or third primary, secondary, and in some cases, in high school.

The phenomenon of bullying is not exclusive to school life. Countless social life situations so manifest, as gangs in the housing units in the major cities. It seems then, reflect a deeper condition psychological and social. But that takes a compelling intensity in the school environment. The problem is complex and covers different areas of life. Requires rethinking the very bosom of the family and their relationships, the different areas and social fabric of life, and the organization of our institutions, and specifically those related to education. First, it seems that the phenomenon indicates a manifestation of social breakdown, in which the children, perpetrators, reproduce inequitable power structures, where the abuse of the weak or small, is a condition of psychological survival.