But Sophie

Sophie left the pharmacy with a grateful smile. She thought her house was farther than usual. Expect the results also seemed interminable, but when he saw the four kits had tested positive, and had no doubts. I knew from past experience an ectopic pregnancy could be positive too, but Sophie was convinced that this may not happen. I could not wait for night to Pete came back from work. I called the office and asked him to come home.

Pete was afraid, had asked him why. "Fear not Pete. I need you by my side, now .- Pete was not used to this kind of reaction to Sophie, but he liked the tone of voice with which she had spoken. Him asked his secretary to cancel all appointments for 2 hours. "I have to go home," he had said, without giving further explanations.

"And I will tell customers she had asked. "Well – Pete mused, – tell me something unexpectedly forced to leave. Do not give further explanation. He arrived home with high expectations. Sophie's voice on the phone was calm, happy and calm as he was not worried but curious. When he opened the door, Sophie saw wearing a transparent black gown that exposed all its beauty of women, since they had no underwear underneath. In his hands he pressed something that I could not recognize. They seemed like thermometers .- But Sophie would do with a few thermometers in your hand? -. Sophie showed her clenched fists that embraced the four kits of pregnancy. -A you're not able to guess what this is? – Had told him a special smile. Pete saw Sophie's eyes had a twinkle. It had been so long since I saw that gleam that both had characterized it in his childhood and adolescence! "No," replied Pete, I have no idea. What is it? They look like thermometers. Slowly, Sophie fists opened and revealed the four positive kits Pete immediately recognized. "Sophie told a no mea .. tell trachea -.. "Yes," replied Sophie. "I highly improbable has become an absolute reality. I'm pregnant. Pete more tenderly embraced her if that's possible, than usual. He kissed her repeatedly. Sophie responded to his touch as he had done before. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Professor Rita McGrath. At that moment he knew he was in love with Pete, and that his blindness had prevented him from realizing it, until then, that magic, she had managed to make them aware of that love. "Miracles happen every day," said Sophie .- Only human beings do not see them because we consider it normal, but each birth is a miracle and this pregnancy is just one of them. They threw themselves on the carpet and made love to fatigue. Pete did not return to the office that day or did not respond to calls that he had repeatedly made its secretary. "Now if – Sophie thought a " my life is complete. But the life that never stops, never ceases to move the pieces of the puzzle at your leisure. '.