Car Issues

Adding a little imagination to dull gray weekday, imagine a situation which, surely, you will ruin the mood and ruin the plans for the day – you shut the car door with only keys, or, worse yet, you have them lost and do not have the slightest idea where to find them. So, we have a car, but do not have the key. What do you do? This material will hopefully be useful to each car-owner. Who knows, perhaps tomorrow in this situation will prove to be just you. Opening of the car with his hands without any special tools and skills. The simplest, perhaps, a way to open the car in such a situation would break a window, but only if Keys really locked in your car. Typically, the window in the form of a triangle, which is common among manufacturers of both import and domestic cars, warehouses, auto dealer is in the presence of infrequently. If you're all the same decided to break the window, let it be one of the side windows or the driver or passenger.

If your car is on warranty for auto dealer where you purchased the car before inquire about the availability and cost of new windows for your car. You do not steal, remember, this is your car. It does not matter what you're going to do: break the glass or try to uncover their own, do so confidently and even defiantly. In doing so, you will not arouse suspicion, but puzzled passers-by. Acting by stealth, you can attract the attention of law enforcement officers, cases, bystanders, or overly vigilant citizens. And before you can understand something and have it out, you may find yourself lying on the ground. Why you such amusement? Open the car with his hands without tools and without damage to the lock mechanism – it is not their prime, even for professionals. Taking into account the tendency of introducing additional degrees of protection of the castle, not only automotive, but also any other type – open car becomes every year more and more difficult.

Opening of the car from a professional, usually takes 20 to 40 minutes. The elements of the castle remain intact, the door without scratches and chips. And the cost of providing such services usually do not exceed the cost of buying and installing new windows. The choice is yours. Have a contact phone number is always such a service, at the right time to make the right decision.