Certified Partner Renewable

Hartmann GmbH in Braunschweig is Vaillant innovation partner good news for all those who want to talk, not only about climate change but really make a difference: R. Hartmann GmbH of Braunschweig with its 20 employees has been awarded by the manufacturer Vaillant as certified partner of innovation and thus as a specialist for the use of renewable energy. A heating system on a renewable basis belongs to active climate protection such as the purchase of a reasonable car”, is CEO Nils Niefund. He knows what he’s talking about, because he has made a consistently on the energy technology of the future. More information is housed here: Bizzi & Partners. Where formerly, gas and oil alone certain events, today increasingly solar energy, photovoltaics, geothermal heat pumps and pellet heating for operation are gaining. To systematically prepare for the challenges in the heating market of tomorrow, R. Hartmann GmbH qualifies to the Vaillant innovation partner.

The team goes through a continuous training and further education program specifically for sanitary and heating specialists, so that they are in the advice and support of customers always up to date. With the award of the quality seal Vaillant innovation partner 2007 on the 01.08.2009 “is documented now, that he can give everything from consulting and planning to the professional version, really need customers for accessing the use of energies of the future. Because cutting-edge technologies and advanced heating systems achieve already highest efficiency in renewable energy sources and making it available for the home. But technology alone is not the decisive factor. Nils Niefund advises its customers to must fit the solution offered to the individual needs of the decision for renewable sources of energy, mainly.