In the audiovisual translation, specifically on the aspect of subtitling, constantly present various downloads, call them that, which refers to present significantly different problems in this process of translation, however, these problems for the public not are seen in this same way by the translators and interpreters, which are borne as challenges in the process of subtitling. Subtitling is known as one of the most common translation processes applied today, not only that this can promote understanding, but also thanks to this type of translation is a kind of originality in the films and series we see normally (it retains the original language), but during development this lies in some challenges to consider, which experts say challenges involve not only linguistic but also for that type of interpretation that are basic translation. The main challenges of subtitling are presented to time of the message, since the translators have a way to project this as accurately using the fewest possible words, which at various times can mean good not even a bad translation and transmission of the message, that already given Some languages have words and etymologies quantities quite difficult at times to convey an idea, not to mention also the time during which the caption is in force, since very large number of ideas are transmitted very quickly and this is where the translator's task difficult . Previously played a basic point, the weather. It basically says because this not only affects the good work of the translator, but also in public, since the latter must take into account the general reading speed in order to apply a good caption. Some studies have shown that a normal person (speaking) reads between 3 and 4 words per second, where usually a subtitle of 12 words can be read in 4 seconds, which is the actual duration of the subtitles, however, due to the complexity mentioned above have certain languages, the subtitles have a greater number of characters and words for the same time, making very difficult the proper understanding by the reader or viewer, This is shown for translators as one of the biggest challenges to overcome through translation subtitles. Note that because of all these factors, the subtitling is widely compared by experts with the dubbing, as some of them say that this type of audiovisual translation ensures the smooth transmission of messages, however this technique is also exposed to various criticisms as these usually create geographical location errors, a very good example of this is to watch a Mexican farmer speaking Arabic or Arabic discussion in Russian. Another important challenge to keep in mind about the subtitles, is the space it occupies in the transmission of the series or film tape, as a number critics say that steals, to call in any way, place and role and may even draw more attention to the tape itself and thus help the viewer or reader can miss some very important scenes..