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Everything you want to know about rugs! How does a hand-knotted carpet? Where are the carpets? How do I dyed the yarn? Who builds the carpet? What are the beautiful patterns? “” The answer to these and countless other questions, visit our website about the carpet “, by Britannica Internet guide selection” was awarded for the reliability of their content. The detailed information will be presented in a pedagogical way and with numerous illustrations. Hand-knotted carpets can look back on a long, fascinating history. As lovers and prospective buyers of such carpet, you will find here countless valuable tips and practical advice. Keep track of the many individual stages in the development of a hand-knotted carpet before he adorns the apartment of the future owner! Last but not least, our Web site presents useful information on care and maintenance of a carpet.

Also the specific terms and expressions are explained, in the magical world of carpets are common. In addition to English, French and Swedish editions is the encyclopedia now also in German and Italian. The site was created by the Swedish E-commerce company CarpetVista. For more specific information, check out Robert J. Shiller. Our hand-knotted rugs go into all the world, as our website is currently available in 18 languages. The site is available under: press boss: Christian Langeen CarpetVista Pilotgatan 3 S-212 39 Malmo / Sweden + 4640-182270 e-mail: