Contemporary Wooden House

Recently there has been a significant increase in the interest of Russia's population to a wooden house construction. This can be explained, firstly, that the country house cost is still cheaper than housing in the city, and second – order that wood as a building material, is the most environmentally friendly. Due to the capillary structure of wood is air circulation in the room. The house breathes, and people in it feel free and easy. Low thermal conductivity of wood makes the house warm in winter and cool in summer.

Wood is not afraid of freezing and therefore ideal for unheated buildings and villas. If you previously chose to build a tree to save due to its cheapness and availability, but now increasingly wooden houses get people with the means of realizing the importance of maintaining their health and their family. Many companies and organizations now offer manufacture and install a house made of wood. Forms of this material is also now very diverse. This round logs, and laminated veneer lumber, laminated veneer lumber and round, and timber from heat-treated wood, and logs or timber from the array tree. But at the same time, homes made of standard designs, and even more of a calibrated material that looks very similar to each other.

Lose their individual buildings. This implies a desire to house owners to change it appearance. Since ancient times in Russia for the purpose of decorating the front of the building used by house-carving. The wooden parts of the facade houses a protective function, decorated with carvings. Thus, simultaneously solve two problems: increase durability of the structure and its decoration. Currently, the prevalence of protective material, impregnation and antiseptics house-thread for protective purposes is less common, but often just for home decor. Carved trim, pricheliny, valances, carved balusters on a porch or balcony can drastically change the appearance of the facade, and often of such a house is just hard to tear off a sight. Very often when decorating house building thread You can see the same error. The owner, seeing the emptiness and golost "facade of trying to fill it with thread to a minimum, fearing that the house will look like a cheap popular Teremok. In this case, best not to give up decorations with slotted thread, or else to decorate the facade superimposed geometric elements. Facades of the houses now are quite large and modern windows on a big empty space, framed by a thin strip of carved look quite ridiculous. Perhaps then the rule applies – the thread should be a lot. If, however, can not afford to decorate the facade of a large slotted screw area, it is better to place it on large curved plates or panels, which you can perform a pattern mold. Importantly, to keep the proportionality between the size of the facade and decorative elements. If for finishing the facade will be followed, these recommendations, the harmonious look of the house will please owners and their guests for many years.