Culture And Behavior

The human world is the cultural world that, if constructs to the necessities gradual, to the life, the social and economic organization of distinct groups of different social classes. The construction of a culture concept, is of extreme importance, therefore, engloba the organic behavior of all the existing communities on the Land. We see that, on account of the globalization, technology and the influence of the medias, the human beings had started to acquire values of different nations. If one, does not follow to the scratch the behavior of a society, adjusted its sex, etria band or economic classroom, appears the masses of minorities of people whom, consequentemente an existing factor still in the whole world generates o preconception . If a boy does not play ball, likes novel and detesta sports, the society in itself the thumbtack as gay.

In turn, if a girl adores cars, detesta dresses and loves soccer, it already it is considered lesbian. Unhappyly, these are extreme daily pay-julgatrios that however are latent in the whole world. The social machismo, classrooms and the religions they are examples of cultural plurality that forge the identity of the people since very small, inside of its proper family that, adds cultural values that, accepted or are rejected in accordance with its growth. In infancy, unfortunately, the child to the times adopts the bad concepts and excludes the other amiguinhos for the color of the skin, its pertaining to school material, its behavior and contracts the friendships of that they possess good clothes, excellent appearance and aesthetic beauty. In the adolescence if she becomes colleague of most intelligent and of whom they have money. In the adult age, its proper interests enter in game. These are characteristic of a capitalist standard cultural that, no matter how hard many do not assume, still are common in the societies most complex. However, gradual aculturao is being more common of what let us can imagine, over all in the young.

We are seeing an assimilation cultural, since the clothes to the behavior. With this change for which the half age passes, we observe that the still existing obstacles are being to the few faced. This miscegenation of distinct cultures, reflects on the sociological development that the world crosses currently, in special the young that is insolublly on the rupture of the still existing preconception in diverse civilizations.