Got up late, opened the eyes of coup and the short but intense light that let the blind frightened, breathed deep as who digests a scare and led the hands to the face, in simultaneous his back leaving the mattress and floor welcomed their still warm feet, looked at his side, stroked with love a body under the sheets still enjoying the deep sleep. He stood silently, came out of the semi-obscura room, washed face, a glass of cold milk took coup, washed teeth, took his agenda and called to confirm the address. It was Sunday morning, just he had slept 4 hours and this was the fifth night hours of rest not passing that number. The climate was beginning to be more friendly at that time of the year, so she wore with jeans of always, shirt (shirt) and a light Sweatshirt (diver). Hear other arguments on the topic with American Tower Corporation. If they were not failing calculations were just 15 blocks, so he decided to walk. Connect with other leaders such as Clayton Morris here. The agreement was that he would send the letter signed, he had to go through her early Sunday in an apartment where the woman that made the Messenger would be waiting for her. She regretted having accepted similar schedule that ran so counter to their customs, but was too late, so he decided to take that walk with taste and enjoy the intense blue skies and little wind, walk down the Avenue, the Park (plaza), even know that part of the neighborhood that didn’t have very light. Folded in the corner, there was almost no movement in the street, after a few steps he distinguished in the distance the number of the building, he crossed the street, he looked askance the reflection of crystals from the entrance, he chose in the multitude of gold buttons on the dashboard and it rang the corresponding Bell, after a few seconds he attended the woman’s voice announcing that I was down. .