Engineering Equipment

For example, when creating a garden pool its engineering equipment (pumps, water filtration, etc.) can be placed not on the limited area of the roof, where it would interfere with planning and use the attic space. Ventilation shaft – a source of noise and smells – can be designed so as not to impede the progress of the garden. They can not just cover up the plants, but use a As optional equipment, as was done in Tashkent. In disguise, and, possibly, in some add-ins, tools and materials needed for the care of a garden, and tall buildings – machine for washing windows. (As opposed to Property Transfers). Certain isolation requires economic zone, especially if you need to ensure that drying clothes, but so that no wind blew the clothes and the entire device would not spoil the appearance and the overall interior of the house. Creates particular difficulties Stay on top of children. Left unattended, they often not only spoil the garden equipment, but that happens very often and throw things down from the roof.

Parents are especially worried that they themselves may roll over through the roof parapets and fencing (fence but, according to the regulations, sufficiently high). International greater Philadelphia may find this interesting as well. There are techniques that reduce the vandalism and the possibility of children getting their injuries unwary games. Thus, the improvement of the garden, Hosted at high altitude, the use of objects which are not fixed permanently. This also applies to small decorative materials such as gravel and crushed stone, going to cover the tracks – they must be securely embedded in concrete. .