Estate Broadcast

It is obvious that this increases the response to advertisements that are broadcast on the network – people viewing the page is potentially interested in the advertised product or service. Why use You only pay interest on your ad, rather than placing ads in the broadcast. How it is implemented? In the block transmission displays only the title of your ads but when a visitor brings mouse over the header ad, the advertiser is displayed to him completely, in a window on top of the page content, to which removed a block broadcast ads. If a person is interested in your ad, it reads it, if not, he will close the window. The system analyzes reading and action on your ads – namely, writing letters by e-mail contact listed in ads, go to the website are in contact. Fees are charged only if the person reading your ad longer than the time or the interest contacts for example, has made and sent by email.

When placing ads in the newspaper, you pay for itself with the placement and you take the money regardless of whether you will read your ad. What are the differences from other types of internet advertising, contextual advertising? – Contextual advertising works on the principles of the auction, where you decide the value of a transition to the site (clicks), but if you set the price too low, your link is no will be shown, so as to be located at such low positions that are not displayed on the bulk sites. – Online ads are guaranteed to be shown in the ad unit and the rate is fixed. This is accomplished ad rotation algorithm. – Systems determine the content that you have to pick up some key phrases, and the wrong choice of a combination of keywords can lead to no effective 'Burn' from the account. – Headings in the network predetermined, if you are selling commercial real estate, simply choose the category 'Real Estate', and the details described in the ad title. – What would be advertised in the network Banner or contextual advertising is necessary to have a website because the main unit there is a click – go to a specific advertiser website. – Online basic unit – the announcement.

Just make a declaration and start advertising campaign, and if the site is, please give it to the contact ad. Take advantage of network services, simple and practical, just as an advertiser and a visitor site. There is another important fact, because of which advantageous to place an ad – Network broadcast network ad broadcast ads have a number of subject headings that can realize the reality of absolutely any product or product of your houseplants to industrial equipment, which can be equipped with the company. To find out more directly about the network broadcast ads, you can read the description on the website network. It also includes movie and, clearly demonstrates the network broadcast ads.