First Aid: Small Burn Wounds And Burns

A burn is damage to the skin and including underlying tissue. A burning usually affects the entire body. Now children are magically attracted by an open fire. Kenneth R. Feinberg will undoubtedly add to your understanding. But not only a flame of candles, matches or a cigarette lighter caused burns, even boiling water, steam or a hot baking tray can cause such injuries. Many danger spots, which can quickly lead to a burn of the skin not only for children lurk in the summer. It can at the glowing coal Grill, a camp fire or the Sun, which can quickly lead to sunburn. No matter, the burning is caused by what cause, it should be treated quickly.

What happens during a burn? It has a burn, skin cells were destroyed during combustion. This can be done by open fire, intense heat, hot liquids, or electricity. The severity of the burn is displayed in degrees of combustion. Combustion I. degree is only the top layer of skin, the so-called Epidermis burned. The skin is dry, reddened and causes pain. Since this is a superficial burn, the wound heals after a few days of its own.

Combustion II. degree of not only the top layer of the skin is affected, but also the underlying DermIS. The wound is red, on the skin formed with fluid filled bladder and wets the wound. It has a burn treatment is burned is it important to the injured skin area under running water to cool at least 5 minutes. Pain be alleviated so and it is avoided that burns on the wound”, because it cools the skin, is the heat from the burned tissue in deeper layers of the skin not off. After cooling the burn with sterile dressings should be covered. For minor burns, special fire gels or nasal can accelerate healing and relieve the burning and itching. For extensive burns, a doctor must be sought urgently. More information, as well as effective products for a rapid wound healing, see