German Skat Association DSKV

Over seven million Germans regularly play Skat Skat, the card game was invented around 1820 in Altenburg. For this reason, called Altenburg even today the city of Skat. Meanwhile, the German Skat Association DSKV has its seat in Altenburg. Skat is considered to be one of the most difficult card games. The game is played with 32 cards. Three is the number of players.

You can also four play Skat – then every game the dealer sitting out. Each player receives 10 cards. The two remaining cards are placed in the middle to form the Skat. The gameplay after the cards are distributed is determined by the so-called incentives who must play. The bidding is a type of auction in which the player with the highest score then can play. He can pick up the two cards in the Middle, Exchange, and improve so his cards.

The two non-players form a community and play together against the player. The types of the game Skat is a trump game. The player chooses one of the colors (cross, Spades, hearts, diamonds) trump card. These are higher than the other cards. The cards lays turns, where you must suit played out, if you have a card with this color. If you don’t have the color you can stick with a trump card. If each player has a card of the player with the highest card gets the trick. Then he must play the next card. The points of the cards are counted at the end of the game. The sum of all points is 120 – the player has won, if he has 61 or more points. The playing cards Skat is played usually with French journal. The cards are in the order 7, 8, 9, Queen, King, 10, ACE and Jack. The boys take a Spnderstellung at the Skat. They are the highest trumps. The ACE is worth 11 points, 10 points, the King 4, the women’s 3, and the boy is one of the 10 2 points. The incentives for the beginner, the incentives may be the heaviest. Gross said the stimulus value stems from the number of boys multiplied by the value of the color that you want to play as a trump card. At the beginning of the game the player irritate so that to each other, highest game and thus the player to determine. There are two associations of Skat – ISPA and DSKV Skat clubs and associations in Germany. Over 30,000 players are organized in the DSKV – the Skat association ISPA has far fewer members. But the number of Skat players themselves is far greater. Over 7 million Germans regularly play Skat. In almost every German city, there is a Skat Club where you can easily play with. Information, can be found on the Internet pages of the associations of the Skat and Skat directory. There are also detailed instructions. posted by Susann Wasikowski