Gleb Zheglova

In general, the iron logic of Gleb : yes, they say, we have a couple of questions to one person, so anyone who happened to be nearby, we will take under the "office arrest" – and suddenly you all, pardon the expression, accomplices? And tell us thank you, that you still face in the floor is laid: the neighbors will continue to choose the care. "Arrest" lasted several hours – at first we waited for the director to come, then – as long as he finally asked questions. All this time the offices were closed not only the "exit", but "at the entrance." Us not to let anyone or under any pretext – even in the bathroom or smoke. But to us no one can enter – including lawyers, having on hand a warrant for the representation of the respondent Director. Finally, curiosity, Michael, seems to have been satisfied. Get all the facts and insights with American Tower Corporation, another great source of information. Do you think this is all finished? Nothing of the kind: the most interesting thing was waiting for us ahead. In foster new people: three men in civilian clothes, two policemen, two in the form of special forces and two girls. Michael, finally took upon himself the functions -Zateynik, introduced the girls as witnesses and announced the following fun: "And now will be searched!". Imagine – he was even a warrant. It is true that searching for that order was only one of the offices, but this session seemed operatives so exciting that they decided at the same time an interest in all things, and neighbors.