Handbags In The Autumn: These Models Are 2012 In The Trend

Beautiful handbags to match with the current fashion trends of autumn and winter season who is already worrying about the trends in the handbags? Most women buy bags not to fashion, but according to your own taste and of course due to her dressing room. The designer and manufacturer, however, worry about the current trends of course. So now the new bags are suitable for autumn and winter fashion in stores. Luxury Designer bag or cheaper bags made of canvas, the bags are in the winter in spice and the current fashion colors, Bordeaux, dark blue, black and cognac. The formats are large and offer plenty of storage space for everything needed for woman in everyday life. Here are the key trends for the handbags 2012 cool pastel tones set the summer trend gone if you bought a pastel handbag in summer, you can wear these yet even in winter.

Because the fashion color of summer is also in the winter back in, however in a slightly cooler version. The colors call frosty pastel, they are not quite so bright but somewhat toned down and look this especially noble. It doesn’t matter but of course for the bags, you can carry the bag so quiet in the winter. This also applies to the colour white. White handbags never go out of style. The current fashion colors cognac, Bordeaux, dark blue these three colors belong to the most important fashion colours in the autumn and winter fashion. Also black is in demand again. Appropriately, there are also pockets in these colors.

By MCM is back out a retro collection this season, of course in the so typical of the brand cognac. Read more about the current MCM collection by Michael Michalsky bags. Also Bordeaux and dark blue are of course very nice colors for handbags, will be quite safe even through the current season also. Pockets in the folk style of folkloristic elements such as leather fringe, woven patterns, which are based on the traditional patterns of the Indios, and cowhide were for the current trend bags used. Such Western bags are of course not chic, but rather cool and casual. Most of the models are made of suede or very thick, rough natural leather. Sure, you will like the new bags in gold and silver handbags in gold and silver if you like glitzy glamour fashion. These colors are a major trend in the latest autumn fashion. You wear gold bags not only the evening wear, but also in everyday life. Also black bags with eye-catching decorative elements such as Rhinestones, for example can be seen everywhere. So that the look is not overloaded, combining these models with simpler clothing of course. Eva Otter