How lucky the current settlers – as a rule, now all receive or purchase footage – so much sq.m. How many rooms in the apartment – it is a question of the last century, as many as you like – to answer a resident of 21 centuries. The main thing to keep in mind, housing – functional thing. Apartment, and cottage – a strictly limited space, where each part must meet its functional purpose and be in the proper relationship between them. Projecting the housing from scratch – razzoniruyte true, then to not be hurt by a spent blank finansov. – think of closets for clothing and footwear. Near the entrance is a kitchen – that then no swearing, saying that one should go through the apartment to put products.

Kitchen – dining room – a dense ligament – a direct functional relationship. Dining room should be in our opinion not only next to the kitchen, but with a living room and hallway – all of these premises related and belong to a noisy area. Near these premises are located a bathroom – you will not regret. If the bedrooms (it is certainly relate to the owners of cottages or lovely very large apartments) must be block premises of a bathroom and toilet or bathrooms with toilets. In addition to the zoning inside the apartment there are external factors that affect the layout of the apartment. One side of the house – the output to a bustling thoroughfare, and another – in the yard.

Second external factor – the location of the cardinal points, ie orientation of the building. With this in mind, bedrooms, nurseries and kitchens it is desirable to orient to the east. In multi-storey houses (cottages) There should be no 'wet' room over the living. If you not worry, and yet even in the same room – separate zones – will be easier to live. In this case, pay attention to pick up furniture – it should not only be functional and beautiful, but it should be relevant and necessary, are exempt from unnecessary 'junk'. Especially pozabottes of children's rooms. If you are lucky enough to have not only two children, and three-room apartment – give children the development of the largest room. Known scientific fact – space expands thinking – let the kids develop. Children should not only be a seating area children, but also your area of relaxation, because going into their room, unless of course they will allow, you can plunge into the world of childhood and a few minutes to become a child, tell me what is pleasant. Small room – take away to itself under the bedroom, and the average can be both office and living room, where it will comfortably meet not only the family, and guests. Help organize the space you will Act redevelop the apartment. To understand what bearing walls and which are not easy, but all the same advice – hire a specialist, because if you find money for repairs to improvement, because major repairs, do not take the funds and the designer. Do not skimp on what should serve you for a long time. Miser pays twice.