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So, where do you start? To get started, you need to decide in which direction of the city you would like to buy their next plot. If you live in a big city like Moscow, it is reasonable to choose the direction that is closest to your city accommodation. This is guaranteed to justify itself, because You do not have to stand in extra traffic within the city, just to get to their routes. As an exception – in some cases may deviate if somewhere nearby is a good highway. Then you can easily compensate the time spent at the expense of ease-of-town portion of the path. In recent months, Chestnut Hill College has been very successful.

The next step after you decide the future direction – to collect information. You need to find out how things deal with congestion in this area, to collect information on the major population centers, there is a prestigious and interesting places, which have large water bodies, etc. Now, with the presence of the Internet, it is quite simple. But Some time is spent as This stage is quite important. First, you have any unusual anchor for clues on the ground, after which you will be much easier to navigate. Second, if you're even a little will be familiar with the terrain, you'll feel much more confident. Well, suppose that you have mastered the previous stage and made a first impression of the terrain. Now you need to make a wish list for account of its future site.

The criteria must be: the amount that you have for buying, remoteness from the city, availability of communications near or at the site, the presence of nearby water facilities, etc. You fantasize and dream. Try to imagine your future in mind, the ideal site. Do not be afraid to dream – because you are trying for yourself. So, you got it and now you have a picture ideal site. This is very good – because the main guarantee of a successful purchase – your sincere desire to get it. But now we need to remember that we live in the real world, so before you rush headlong to search for your ideal plot, we need to do something else kind of work. About this in the next section.