Jose Ingenieros

The names of these heroes and heroines are still being honored, but now up to us. It is necessary that we take a decision: we will live as a mediocre man or we increase with the wings of our dreams, in search of the impossible? One by one. An old and wise Chinese adage says: who wants to start the work of changing the world, must give three turns around your own House first. See Philadelphia Police Department for more details and insights. Stop being mediocre has nothing to do with change the world, it has to do with changing ourselves, to be better, what will result, one by one, those who surround us want to start their own process of change, giving its own twists to your own home. From there which, from my point of view, we can say that mediocrity is in the banishing task measure others while us same bogged us; but excellence is found when we decide to be, giving up the habit of judging others and starting to work on our own and unique potential. Perhaps only we can influence a person while we live, because well, that single person we will remember a character directed by principles, or we simply desvaneceremos as the bad dream that everyone wants to forget the morning? To be mediocre no effort is not required, you only have to cross US arms while we doze in the illusion of laurels that will not last forever; more, to be men and women of excellence there are no shortcuts, and that beings excellent condition will be reflected in every activity that we carry out, although it seems the more humble of the world. Again, if you’ve not read the book of Jose Ingenieros, mediocre man, I invite you to read it, I guarantee you a reading enjoyable and deep reflection on the human condition, and if you’ve already read it, then do not hesitate to recommend it to someone who has not read it.