Housing Society

My ascent in the multinational real estate brokerage is fast, within 6 months of step real estate adviser will be responsible for Office and in less than a year buy shares, shortly after I also purchased 50% of another franchise, business is too good to be true but how much will last? It is time bet on the company, open new offices is the challenge, I assume, change of province and city of residence, I don’t mind: opening of a new Office, buys shares of a fourth that running irregularly, everything has to be very, very fast, operations van, operations, the words come speculation, resale, mortgage, are the order of the day and mingle with words not as well known as euribor, IPC, pricing, we hardly know them but no matter must buy, take the opportunity to perhaps only; banks lend 90% of the value of the home, if you have a guarantor up to reach 100% and not ask you or even entrance fee, we live well, the company where I work has gone from 750 to 1050 offices, is a total success 300 offices in 3 years, 100 a year, average of 8 offices every monthWe have an Office in every neighborhood in Spain near you! Of course there comes the time pass from lethargy to the harsh reality, the last economic crisis in Spain for the real estate market was less than 7 years between 1990 and 1996 where, according to the pricing, the Housing Society fell continuously for 6 long years now, the man in the street reacts to seeing that a mortgage is for 3035 or 40 years younger, with a fee that can surpass their income. It is not something Terra would like to discuss. In 2004 the British newspaper The Economist already ensured that the overvaluation of housing in Spain was at 50%, so the sales drop, although prices do not, banks however late, also react.