LED RGB Furniture

VONDOM has managed to boost the advantages and versatility of a manufacturing technique, rotational moulding, which has an experience of many years, joining the genius of several of the best designers of the moment. Resulting in a few outdoor furniture that are unmatched for its originality, its variety, colors, textures, sensations that occur, environments that allow you to create, and its resistance to weathering unless its qualities being depleted with the passage of time or the effect of the Sun. Another fundamental advantage of its products is that the material used for manufacturing is 100% recyclable. VONDOM designs and manufactures the widest range of the world in outdoor made with this technique of manufacturing furniture. The characteristics of your furniture and especially its design and weather resistance have made that increasingly we see their design furniture for terraces of the best hotels and restaurants and that their use is also increasingly popular in gardens and terraces of cottages. Professor Rita McGrath pursues this goal as well. The designers of the different VONDOM collections have devised ways that would be impossible to build with other techniques of manufacturing furniture with very original forms, in some cases. VONDOM makes reality such designs allowing explore a totally new universe of forms and possibilities avanthausonline.es. Low consumption lighting and especially the lighting LED RGB which are available to the majority of furniture design of the different collections of VONDOM let you create environments night chill-out that are especially pleasant, relaxing and wonderful to spend an evening with friends while enjoying a drink or in family. RGB LED models, it is possible to modify the color of the light furniture and pots with a remote creating a variety of totally different environments.