Martha Lucia

listen to self-improvement audios : Right now, every day for one hour will listen to audio of overcoming or personal growth learn techniques of relaxation: right now, I will learn a relaxation technique, to live more serene, calm my mind and put it into practice every day of my life. Then the statements were so: right now I am more feminine, me most pleasantly to my eyes now I am more risky even if things do not go as I think them and I want to, because I know that anyway I learn it now, I fully trust my inner voice, developing what dictates my heart and every day that passes I am more successful. nowall day by one hour will listen a self-improvement or personal growth audio now, learn a relaxation technique, to live more serene, calm my mind and I will put it into practice every day of my life. Notes: all statements begin with the word right now and they are in tiempoPRESENTE, keep it in mind for your own friend. Take the sheet and do the exercise for you, vamossss you can! Once you have the list, that sheet you accompany every day of your life, diligently in the mornings, everyday aloud each one three times. And at night, you will take a book of notes or small notebook specially for you and for this purpose; and before sleeping, sitting on your bed, lying with your pillow behind your back, write 3 times each, ending closes the notebook, accommodate you to sleep and stay asleep thinking of what you entered: only in what you wrote! Henceforth congratulations! AMIGA!, you will begin to feel more comfortable with yourself, your self-esteem will be more strengthened, happier, you started to achieve what they’ve always wanted to reach the goal, every day give a step to be successful, secure and very! THRIVING!, which is what you want right? From my desk, friend, I am sending you a big hug! Because you’re being more wonderful, with some splendid virtues, thank God and the life found us by this means. YOUR OPINION makes the difference, tell me who you think Martha Lucia wants to help you find the best of you, so send your questions, concerns or doubts; You will be personally answering him.