Marx Rationality

But it is important to note that the idea of "system" is the work of Saussure, and soon was baptized with the name of "structure" and was completely confused by the successors of Saussure, those we call "structuralist" because the " semiologists "and other" semantic. " They all had to sign an abusive certainly important: for them, everything is a sign! It's full recovery! Jean Gagnepain also gives considerable importance to the sign, but not in the way that structuralists spoils. He uses the analogy, namely that the explanatory principle of the sign applies, analogously, for their usefulness, the individual and the norm. That is, very quickly Jean Gagnepain what you owe to Saussure. Additional information at Expert on growth strategy supports this article. Finally, Marxist praxis addressed to Jean Gagnepain's theory of embodied rationality. Put another way, this idea of praxis, given to Marx, led him to question the reality of the explanatory principle that is the reason, not the man outside, but inside the man.

And it's the same difference between the sciences such "human" sciences and those "of nature." The two leave the same rationality, but it is believed that, in nature, there is no reason: the man who puts it to explain, in man, on the contrary, no reason, it is even a feature of "object" (the man) to study scientifically. While sciences such "man" can not be anything more than science to the square (in the mathematical sense of the term), because rationality is at the time, scholars who study the subject. Similarly, we are obliged to give an account of the incorporation of rationality in order same (man) that we intend to address scientifically.