Moving Boxes Suitable For Miniwarehouses

Moving boxes are usually of the same weight and quality that regular shipping boxes, however, what are the most appropriate when you want to store certain objects within a portable minibodega? We can usually find the answer on a combination of need and cost. I.e. for valuables, fragile or they enclose some sentiment for the members of the family, is always best to go on the side of caution and buy new moving boxes. Por_tanto, by choosing moving boxes to store your objects in a minibodega, takes into account the following tips: 1) buys small moving boxes. The general rule is that each box must not weigh more than 20 pounds. Even if you’ve hired a moving company, you have to remember that sometimes you have to move the boxes by yourself and if they weigh much won’t be able to. Some things like cabinets or electronic cash can be heavier, so try to be few. (2) It is possible that you need certain type of boxes.

Most used moving box can endure up to 27 kilos and is ideal for packing kitchen items, home appliances small and fragile dishes, lamps, or curtains. Other types of boxes are: to carry 29 kilos. Ideal for storing clothes, pots and pans, as well as electronic devices. To carry 70 kilos. You can use this type of boxes for storing pictures, toys, large blankets and sofa, as well as cushions for chairs.

But beware of save unnecessary objects or the box will be heavier. (3) Purchase hanging of various sizes boxes, will serve for the Cabinet. These boxes can be small, medium and large size. Each of them has a metal bar with shape of which are in the closet, are large and you can hang items of wardrobe that you can not put in other boxes. Just remember that they are very heavy and they occupy much space. Some moving companies used these boxes for storing wind clocks or candleholders. (4) Get boxes Lay Down. They resemble a drawer of the dresser and are ideal for packing clothes. Just remember not to overfill them, since they do not support much weight. (5) Purchase boxes for pictures, portraits, or mirrors. All these boxes can be placed together in pairs. When you put two boxes together, make sure you use a strong filament tape to be able to handle the extra weight. Mirror boxes are designed to put the mirrors and they are covered with the box as a framework. You can use plastic bubble to avoid damage to all framed items. (6) Packages Dish. Packed much of the glasses, cups or bottles of liquor or wine in this kind of boxes, but be sure not to overfill them. Verify the weight to make sure that you can handle them. Excessive gasket can collapse them. (7) The boxes for mattress. It may these boxes may not be necessary for the majority of the moving companies, because many tend to pack your mattress in plastic bags. However, please note that boxes keeps your mattress free to drilling and give greater external protection. Boxes of mattresses come in many sizes, just have to find the proper. With information: moving.about.