Among the most basic questions about portable storage the following: why the climate for storage? The air conditioning keeps the temperature constant based on central air conditioning and heat. It isolates your stuff from the damage that bad weather could cause them. What you should or should not be stored in a portable minibodega? The portable storage is an excellent choice for various types of items for home or business. However, there are certain items that should not be stored as combustible, inflammable, toxic or hazardous materials (gasoline, compressed gas, tanks of propane, kerosene, lamps and oils of engine, as well as acids, fertilizers, paint, cleaning products, chemicals, narcotics or biological or toxic waste). Asbestos or products containing asbestos are not allowed. Artificial, explosives, weapons or ammunition nor can be stored.

Tires and vehicles are acceptable, provided have insurance and are in good condition. Most storage companies will not allow you to save more than four tires within a minibodega. In case that you want to store construction materials, please question the company with which you go to sign the contract of rent on what kind of tools you can save. Some construction equipment, for example the Locator of groundwater, are prohibited. Perishable foods and products of animal origin are not allowed because they can throw to lose and/or attract pests. Animals or plants, alive or dead, are not accepted for storage and, of course, neither are the items stolen.

If you live in a portable minibodega it is not allowed to use or connect refrigerators, freezers, generators or heaters. Conditions to the company’s income of miniwarehouses question before we encourage you to live in a storage unit. Security options when you select a laptop minibodega you should ask if you have a security system. The measures of Security vary according to installation policy and income of the unit costs. Choose the correct size of storage. The estimation of the amount of space you need to store your items can be easy if you know what you are going to store. To assess your storage needs follows these guidelines: to) get a list of items you want to save. (b) write down are you going to pack the items. (c) decides how are you going to organize all the elements. It secures stored items if you’re planning to store your personal belongings or business, it is important that everything is covered by insurance that covers you in case of loss. Storage of any type of car vehicles can be stored in a portable minibodega, but you must ask miniwarehouses rental company if they have any condition especially for these cases. Choosing boxes and packing materials once you have decided to move your stuff, the next step is to decide the correct package. The first step is to find appropriate boxes. Many times we tend to go to the store to see if they have boxes for sale, but we should know that these are easily broken almost as soon as that you start to pack. In addition they can come dirty or smelly. Cases exclusively for moving can seem like a luxury, but the investment is worth if they allow you to keep your belongings safe.