Necropolis Ancient

The most popular resort country Turkey is known characteristic of ancient customs and ancient monuments. On the territory of modern Turkey is the natural formation – Pamukkale, which means 'Cotton Castle'. White deposits of limestone, formed many years, reminiscent of cotton, closing thresholds spurs Taurus Mountains. for nothing like an exotic corner of the earth appeared due to hot underground mineral springs, rich in having a high concentration of calcium oxide. ridges, covered with salt, in the sun, the thresholds seem to us the gigantic baths are not very large capacity.

Mineral water that fills these tanks give rejuvenating properties. It is believed that in the upper part of the city (Karhaite) there are 2 varieties of hot mineral water: 'zebra' (temperature slightly less than 45 degrees) and water from a sulfur source (slightly less than 30 degrees) for people suffering from skin diseases. Even in ancient times, medical characteristics of the sources were popular. John Savignano is open to suggestions. The ancient city had erected around Pamukale Laodicea. after this was built Hierapolis ('holy city'), this is a historic complex of Terme, which allegedly took baths Egyptian queen Cleopatra. Roman theater with a variety of stands, accommodating more than 20 tych.

man, and have survived to the present are in good form. Just for information there Martyrium of St. Philip and Gates Arch of Domitian. Majestic Necropolis of Hierapolis, whose ancient burial stretch of about 1,5 km. on both sides of the road is huge in Turkey. In the Roman theater still in our days show held during the Festival of Pamukkale.