New Zealand

The large number of species and breeds of animals in the world gives to accommodate the presence of varied living beings with very different, that is why physical characteristics meet the animal world, requires a special study between each of the species, since an overview does not provide a good view of the characteristic that has each animal; so in developing the idea to know a little more about each species, in this document they mentioned to deer and some of the main features that accompany this interesting member of the animal world. Mention deer, is also reference about deer, on whether this animal is a ruminant mammal, which can occur in many forms, since this family of animals has many groups and subgroups, which may be different in each copy features. Among some of the main features that occur in all deer, cabe worthwhile noting the presence of legs between medium and long, in addition to being very thin, they are cloven-hoofed, i.e. rely on their fingers, which in the case of deer are 2 hooves, that also serve sustenance for walking and better resist different terrain conditions, presents a beautiful long neck, his body gives a remarkable slender picture. Other features that accompany the deer, deer and their relatives, is a mottled hair smooth and on other occasions; something particular within the Group of deer, is that these can be present at certain times of the year antlers or jars, characteristic that only presented these mammals, so every year deer that are in an adult stage and males begin to develop the antlers, which are formations of dead bone, flagpoles are maintained by certain time of year and then fall off them, but to spend a year and reach time it of spring begin to grow. The antlers are intended participation of deer in competition for females in mating seasons. As you can understand the antlers, they charge a role of great importance within the life of deer, Therefore the topic; to develop a little more so the deer antlers grow in first instance as a few bumps or mounds in the skull, once they leave and are visible, are covered in a velvet, while tracking the growth the antlers are branching and velvet falls when it reaches the end point of growth; something that is worth highlighting in relation to the antlers of deer is that each season is given an increase in growth. Deer may occur in many parts of the world, because that different races or genders of the deer will have attached to various environments, so deer have presence in Europe, Asia, America, North of? Africa and in certain Arctic areas, also through certain processes was possible to enter deer to Australia and New Zealand.