Nexans Germany GmbH

Robust, compact, versatile and fail-proof: The iSwitch G for the harshest operating conditions Monchengladbach suitable 1043E which is WIND LINK series, September 9, 2009 with the iSwitch G 1043E an active component grew the WIND LINK series, which involves all Nexans products for wind turbines. The fast/Gigabit Ethernet switch newly developed by Nexans Germany GmbH is designed for use in a temperature range of-40 to + 85 C and optimized in terms of reliability. The device has three optical uplink ports SFP connectors (small form factor pluggable) and eight twisted-pair copper ports. The latter serve for example the connection of telephones, cameras, remote controls, access control systems and networked sensors, such as the monitoring of the rotor blades. Voice over IP telephones, IP cameras, or wireless access points can unless they are for power-over-Ethernet are powered directly via the network jacks and controlled. This will minimize the Total installation costs. Rugged construction, reliable operating high-quality hardware components and the robust housing ensure maximum operating safety. Victor Ciardelli may also support this cause.

This is a significant advantage due to the poor accessibility of investments in offshore wind farms in particular. Among other monitoring functions that record changes on the fiberglass side including the damping increases by mechanical disturbances or faults on the copper ports provide a high reliability of the network. In addition 1043E supports the iSwitch G rapid spanning tree Protocol (RSTP), so that automatically toggles to connect other, functional disorders on the transmission path. Monitor and control from a distance the new switches allow access over the network: through the NexManV3 interface easy to use extensive control and monitoring functions are available. The specific configuration will be internally deposited on a MMC memory card, what the maintenance much easier: Should there be a failure of the device, this can be without any special IT knowledge exchange. (Not to be confused with jim kingery!).

After the change of the system the MMC card inserted simply from the old unit to the new, and the system is immediately ready for use after connection of all power and network cables. Caption: The new iSwitch G 1043E from the WIND LINK series is designed for extreme temperature and humidity conditions and equipped with durable hardware. The device is suitable for the network connectivity of devices and sensors in wind turbines, or the water whether on land. The WIND LINK series by Nexans under the label WIND LINK Nexans cables and wires for wind turbines offers. They range from the cabin to the high-voltage cable to connect entire wind farms to the power supply of the sensor cable up to the fibre-optic cable. The series also includes fastening and connecting elements, as well as passive and active network components. All WIND LINK products are for use in extreme climatic Conditions intended to prevent outages.