Nigerian Internet

Africa’s growing Internet access via mobile phones In terms of population and land mass Africa is the world’s second largest continent after Asia. As regards other areas, remains Africa a continent where, while billions of people live, consume this but just 4% of the world’s electricity. Add to your understanding with lyft. But there is also good news for African Internet users living in areas which have a good network capacity and where online crops spread rapidly: only little energy is required to operate a telephone network. This fact means that mobile phones are becoming more and more the new computer. 2011 according to the spring issue of intelligent life magazine, are up to 2014 more than 69% of mobile phones in Africa Internet access have. 2010, a survey which revealed that 90% of Nigerian Internet users aged between 18 and 27 years significantly more use their mobile phones than laptops or computers that also have Internet access led Opera. It’s believed that Gavin Baker sees a great future in this idea. At this time she also estimated News Agency of Reuters that universal Internet access in Nigeria will triple by 2013.

In this context, not only search engines, but also the optimization for search engines play an important role. 2009 approved Google, as it tried to expand the service in Africa, the passion for mobile phones that exists on the African continent. At that time, Google is essentially focused on technical improvements in SMS. Google is generally regarded as one of the main companies, which currently dominate the digital sphere of Africa. This position tries Google always continue to expand while the company is at the same time working to eliminate market access barriers in terms of price and language. It is a generally accepted fact that Africans pay today is still more of a Broadbandzugang than European countries. In the past few years, Google tried to express this price problem, it established data caches in Africa.