Perfume and Perfume Oils

The history of perfume oils dates back to Ancient Egypt when these fine scented oils were presented to royalty as gifts. In modern times, however, when the word "perfume" is said, most people think department store fragrances, which consist mainly of the concentrated oil and alcohol solution. However, as more and more are becoming aware of them, perfume oils are experiencing great popularity. Lincoln Property addresses the importance of the matter here. Here are some interesting facts about perfume oils: 1) The power of smell – Perfume oils are highly concentrated and up to ten times more concentrated than department store perfumes. This quality allows the oils to last longer than their counterparts in water perfume. 2) Alcohol – Perfumes have alcohol in them, which creates different smell effects. Most body oils use carrier oils like jojoba or grapeseed oil instead of alcohol.

In some perfumes, the smell can change as alcohol different notes smell evaporates over time. With oils, the scent is more constant. 3) Price – A noticeable difference between perfumes and perfume oils is price. Perfumes have a very high profit margin and high profit margins, which is perhaps why many celebrities have embarked on the trend of creating their own perfumes and colognes. Perfume oils can be sold at very low prices or even more expensive than perfumes, depending on how it is positioned in the market. Body chemistry 4) – The fact that a perfume or cologne smells good on you, does not mean that the oil version. Perfumes only have a small percentage of oil, so they are very different than pure body oils.

This interaction between the fragrance and your body can produce a totally different perception of smell. 5) Packaging – Clearly, department store perfumes are very well packaged and therefore make great gifts for friends and family. Many perfume oils are sold in packages of less attractive, which is part of the reason for its lower price. 6) Uses – Perfumes are only for use in the body, but perfume oils can be used to create a variety of scented products such as soaps, candles, bath oils, air fresheners, and many other types of scented products. Note that there are different types of fragrance oils and that pure raw oils are safe for use on the skin. In short, if you choose to use fragrance oils or not will depend on the above factors. Try a small sample first and who knows, you just discover a delightful new product to add your personal inventory. Criss White is a professional web writer on baby and new mother topics for baby and pregnancy websites. See and for more perfume oil information and supplies. Note: If you find this article useful, you can play on your web site, e-zine, or in your newsletter as long as the credits and resource box remain in tact and the hyperlinks are active.