Personal Branding

The adventure of having a work from home is hard, because you have to compete aggressively without peder cordiality. For example, if an employer asks that you organize a project and suddenly cancels it, you should show him that your time and talent has a price, however the manner in which we indicate it must be cordial, because you don’t know what type of contact can represent you in the future. Hands to your work the mentality of the person who performs work from home focuses on providing a differentiated service. To meet that goal you must discover and publicize your own brand, with that your projects will be better valued. Here’s the concept applied Personal Branding (own brand), which has been used by several gurus such as Peter Drucker and Tom Peters, Gary Hamel.

1 Distinguishes your offer for your freelance work to prosper it is fundamental to know from the outset what you will offer, to whom and how. Think about your Hallmark, for example: being an expert in move forward bomberazos, generate proposals and materials from one day to another because you have the contacts, or that driving information of first level because you have much time developing you in a same area. Each who has a particular stamp, think about yours. 2 Agenda in hand. The ability to answer, i.e. the speed with which you serve your customer’s requirements, is what makes the difference in a freelance work and one of the great values to care for other projects. This means that you must have very clear if you do have the ability and time to comply with that feature. 3 Discipline.

You can fall into the temptation of not organizing you (especially if you already have a first fixed income). It is vital to develop a working strategy and comply with it. Decide how many hours to invest in this work freelance, how much time you have to go to collect it (make administrative formalities) and to search for new offerings.