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What is a fund? This article answers this question what is a fund? A mutual fund is a fund must be separated from the assets of the investment company, which manages the Fund, according to the Austrian investment fund act legally. The Fund is kept in custody by a custodian independent of the CISA. All two – fund company as custodian bank – the investors to stick with their bank status and function alternately as a supervisory body. Supreme authority is the financial market supervisory authority. Whenever twinbrook capital listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The status of the Fund as a special fund is also an essential distinguishing feature compared to individual issuers whose credit rating should be questioned closely by investors page. Why is special liking for investors it so important to? There is a fiduciary relationship between investors and mutual fund company.

The assets in a fund not for any liabilities of the capital investment company shall be liable as funds. That would mean in the extreme case of insolvency of the CISA, that the Fund assets not in bankruptcy coming and may not be used, pending claims to serve creditor side. Rather, the management of the Fund by the custodian on an other CISA would transfer in such a case; a repayment of principal invested in fund shares to investors at the current share value is possible within a few days. Which companies offer funds to investments? Mainly independent financial advisers have very good “know-how” in this area and tailor tailor-made concepts for all walks of life. As you can read the explanations in the text above, the State funds a must! Renowned companies, such as the Linzer financial, blue vest equity, discuss goals and desires in a personal conversation. The blue vest equity also worked out together with the client the right strategy. As a result, the blue vest equity taking into account your risk tolerance, income expectations and the time horizon designs a customized The advisors of the blue vest equity concept with a system, of course are considered to incorporate the advantages of an investment with the Fund status if the customer wishes this. Sabine Resch Office Manager for the blue vest equity GmbH published on: