Responsible Tourism, Sustainable Tourism Society

The practice of responsible tourism contributes to conservation of the environment and the genuine progress of the communities involved. With simple and easy practices can implement to help preserve the qualities of the places we visited while we enjoyed our stay. Responsible Tourism, Sustainable Tourism. All human activities have an effect on the environment where they are made to improve it, hopefully not to produce significant changes or damage to a greater or lesser extent. For where a man passes marking its presence and nature is forced to adapt to changes, not always gently. Every industry has its consequences for the planet, are highlighted in the environment with waste disposal, waste generation or smoking chimneys.

You might understand that tourism being the leisure industry does not produce all these disadvantages, however is to look on the main tourist spots in the world to see that nothing provided by the massive arrival of visitors go unnoticed. Tourism in recent years has become an activity with more adherents, and that more has contributed to major changes in communities and ecosystems that remained unchanged for thousands of years before this activity became popular. Thinking about a trip, warm beaches or in remote locations helps to overcome the daily routine of work and stress, and spend some time traveling loved ones, friends and yourself, enjoying different activities from the rest of the year. Travel may be a few days, different route, in multiple modes of transport, but no matter how luxurious or low budget, made the journey itself has a direct impact on the environment you are visiting and its people.