Right Within The Landlord Community

Constantly changing tenant allowed objectives the investors with the purchase of a property different. Some want to live even in it, other industrial use, by they rent out the object in whole or in parts. The real estate portal myimmo.de reported as membership in a rental community affects. Different parties owned a house or building, it is usually a so-called community of homeowners. Apart from contractual provisions, the individual landlord have the right to act relatively autonomously.

As emerges from a judgment of the Federal Court, that the decision about the use of his condos alone rests with the owners. In this case, a Berlin landlord community had appealed because a member without asking leased his apartment to holidaymakers. They argued that this disturbing sense of security within the building complex. The judges saw it differently: permanent residents also receive visitors. Basically coming up is different and Going to tenants from changing. The decision finally fell in favour of the defendant. He may use his property as he pleases. He inhabited it, rented long term or for short periods of time or otherwise commercially use, whether he is alone. It is crucial that other members of homeowners community this is not seriously degrade. In the present case the judge may be not assumed according to.