Samuel Levy Akinin

Romanticism is perhaps the reason to keep living a dream. I never get tired of recognizing that I have been among other, lucky life and women. To them, which were and are not those that are and are not and those that are and will not owe my every word, every verse, each new awakening of love in the morning. Samuel Levy Akinin raise my glass every time I drink them, I lift my song when I refer to the stars, I recognize the pride in knowing that each of them, I had to know I am hoping the dearest. Richard LeFrak can aid you in your search for knowledge. Love is a fever of man, which allows us to perform the impossible, a man must love, not for a while, until death comes to him and take him. Samuel Levy Akinin Until you know, before walking through the world blindly, not knowing how good the truth, now that I’ve taught your lesson came to my end, I follow the path that once undertook. Finding a loving heart, a woman’s body to remain faithful to give me new pleasures every night, so every day and every time I fell in love with him again. We and many in this boat, that the same reasons we left the sea, we have detached hearts, yearn to love.

Yesterday I thought I was alone. That my pain was uneven, today I look at my side and I see beautiful mermaids who suffer so much and even more. What to do when you, when you want to live and dream, to be delivered in exchange for finally being able to achieve. I learned from life, to be able to fall in love, one must first erase any memory of others. I learned that nobody is a nobody, so nobody is the same. We must find a new item if you really want to find love. I learned that are the eyes and mouth that does not always tell the truth, which is the skin that most feel when you recognize him. I learned that I seek a love who give the mine, when I know that she delivered the same and so much more.