Spain Falls Before Italy

The Italians were very superiors in first half. Spain improved in second, but a goal by ricochet sentenced. Towers retired by a cerebral commotion. In addition, also they went away injured Piqu and Iraola. Thus we lived in direct Italy 2-1 Spain. A goal to seven minutes of the end of Alberto Aquilani, with the fortune in a firing that turned aside Raul Albiol, praised/poured off for Italy a duel with little of friendly enters both last champions of the world (2-1), in which Spain was not to the height, ballast in dnsa, victim of numerous injuries. Spain could not save one of those days in which it must more lose than to win. When prestige is put into play between two world-wide champions.

Before Italy that needed an injection optimism in its reconstruction. In front of its enthusiastic liking in Bari that saw in the cords ' Roja' , its reaction and one defeat with dignity, conditional by its dnsivos problems. She is the rival to beat Spain. The one that marks tendency. It motivates to the maximum his rivals. More still in a duel between two great selections. It had undergone it before Portugal and Argentina. Two made goals that escocieron.

Italy, that with Will stop Prandelli looks for a new identity, wanted to be useful negligence of Spain a little while. Two soccer players of the old school, Andrea Pir it and Antonio Cassano, marked in the heat of rules generational relief of ' azzurra'. For more information see this site: Nobel Laureate. The high intensity with that the party began surprised Spain. Asphyxiated in the pressure. Studied in detail. Madness untied with Cassano in its native city. The bad boy of a conflicting district of Bari Lucia the bracelet of captain before theirs. It was his day. The one of the player to whom it loses his bad head to him, as it defined Iker Squares.