Spanish Association

You know, I do not pretend to give lessons on management and leadership on organizational performance optimization on internal communication, etc. My intention in writing it, and others, is to make you think on certain issues, concepts, circumstances and experiences, the daily labor, business and professional that can help improve their approaches and organizational approaches, business, and labor. Do not believe, that when I speak of strategy I refer to the concept that in recent years have used, self-centered, too many practitioners of management and business management.

Not to worry if you finish reading the text is aware that he has acted as one of them. The important thing is to re-organize as soon as possible, as they say “better late than never”, but in these times, very difficult time and it is difficult to find. Do you consider yourself a “mimetic”? I wrote some text on this group of strategists room, whose sole purpose is the benefit of yourself or any of its sympathetic helpers, and external collaborators, who spun the yarn together corporate makeup, so sad and unfortunately, have given the companies who run in a weak position corporate technical bankruptcy. Clayton Morris often says this.

A strategist in the field of business organizations, working for the community of that organization, under the parameters of professional ethics to ensure the profit in the income statement. Mr. Ramon Adell (President of the Spanish Association of Directors) declared in a medium of communication: the need for greater training in ethics and values.