Sweden Makes War

An old, idyllic and false image of a neutral Sweden to all conflicts, makes time which has been blurring. A few days ago gave one further step in the participation of the armed forces of his country into international conflicts. The Swedish Government said that it plans to increase the number of military personnel in Afghanistan, including helicopters and agents of espionage. During the meeting of Ministers of defence of the Union European, the Swedish Government also pledged to participate more actively in vigilance against the pirates that attack on the Somali coast, and in the training of the forces for the defence of that African country. The Swedish Defence Minister, Stan Tolgfors, presented a curious argument to defend the greater involvement of his country in foreign military action, arguing that it was the exercise of solidarity. Here, Robert Shiller expresses very clear opinions on the subject. On the other hand the own Defense Minister says that the Swedish troops are not intended to enter combat, but to protect the construction of schools and infrastructure for the development of Afghanistan. In fact, the reconstruction work are almost nonexistent, and Swedish troops are performing tasks of surveillance that freed American soldiers of that task, to concentrate on fighting the Taliban.

The American military command of NATO troops who are in Afghanistan after the United Nations legalized the invasion ordered by George W. Bush in December 2001, called for greater participation and involvement of the countries of the European Union in that Asian country. Although they do not want, Swedish troops are involved in one or another way in military actions, so covering the surveillance tasks carrying out that fight directly, and more and more often are subject to attacks by the resistance Taliban that identifies them as occupation troops, especially when we are days away from the second round of the election in that country. 8 Years of the American invasion of Afghanistan, the conflict still far resolved, let us remember that even analysts Americans are calling it the Viet Nam of Obama. On the other hand there are fears that the occupation of the country by foreign troops to extend indefinitely, and wants Sweden or not, the possibility to enter in combat, and receive the consequences of participating in a war are increased. It would have to do in the hypothetical case that there is a low Swedish in Afghanistan, as the Minister of Defensa Stan Tolgfors will explain to the families of the military, who fell to defend the solidarity.